LDB Business Services has been preparing tax returns since 1999. 

My business started in the garage of my home on Baker Street, then moved to Unit 25, Ringwood Drive, in 2002.  In 2009, I moved next door to a larger unit (#26) to accommodate my growing business.  

Let us help you make the taxation process as easy and as painless as possible.

Almost everyone has some sort of tax credit or tax break, no matter what the income or marital status or situation.  It’s just a matter of determining what it is.

Appointments can be arranged toward the end of March.  Or, if desired, tax papers can be dropped off to the office or placed in our locked mail box at the front door.  Also, faxing or scanning and emailing your documents is acceptable as well.  Email address is lgimbert@hotmail.com or fax 905-640-1156.

Please note that appointments normally cannot be arranged during the month of April due to the large number of returns that need to be done that month.  We may look like a small company but we have a clientele of just over 2,000 individuals with tax returns that need to be prepared and e-filed between February 21st and April 30th.  April is the most hectic and busiest month of our tax season.